Here you can find a small selection of our worldwide clients. Additionally you can read what they say about us, our services and products in the Quotes section. And there is a Map of References, too.


A selection of our worldwide clients:


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We are happy if our customers are happy!
Here are some of many nice quotes we’ve received:

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2016 has been a huge year for us – apart from getting the brewery up and running in May/June, we have had a very successful first 6 months of operation … and this is in no small part attributable to the Leibinger technology that we believed in and of course invested in; we have (in the 6 months) bottled just short of 1 million bottles – 966 000 bottles (340 and 440ml) to be exact. Thank you to all of you for your part in making 2016 a successful one for us … and we look forward to continued cooperation in 2017.”
Alan Melville, Managing Director – Red Rock Brewing Co.

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We had our most successful day to date yesterday on the line – 26 000 bottles … the filler ran at 89% uptime over the period, with the constraint to full production being the shrinkwrapper performance, and not your machine.”
Alan Melville, Managing Director – Red Rock Brewing Co.

“We use a Leibinger system that includes rotary tables on each end, rinser, filler and seamer. It is excellent. German engineering. The beer in cans is amazing, often even better than our kegs. It did take a while to tune and get used to, but now that it is tuned it is very efficient and 1000% better than our old Italian bottling line.”
Justin Hawke, Owner – Moor Beer Company

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“We have had several visitors through here, some involved in brewing and some not – but all are equally impressed with the new Leibinger bottling machine !!! We ourselves are highly pleased with pre-delivery, delivery, installation and after-sales service. We welcome anyone at our brewery for a physical inspection and personal recommendation.”
Alan Melville, Managing Director – Red Rock Brewing Co.

“We love the filler and are really pleased so far, thank you!”
Matthew Osterman, President – Sleeping Giant Brewing Co.

“We are more than happy with your equipment and Norbert’s (assembly operator and Leibinger Distributor) work – both commissioning it and answering the many questions we have had since first being introduced.”
Alistair Lobethal – Lobethal Bierhaus

“They have run the filler around 100cpm mostly and the TPO has been usually around 35. The faster the filler runs, the better the TPO. Sleeping Giant Brewing Co. is very happy with that. It’s been a very good install and start up.”
Randy van Zyverden, Leibinger service partner

“At one point during the commissioning at Sleeping Giant Brewing Co. we cranked up the speeds to 180 CPM. It ran very smoothly until we accumulated to many cans and had a backup. The great news is the TPO at this speed was measured at 18 TPO!”
Randy van Zyverden, Leibinger service partner